Netsuke by Katinka Waelbers

The art of the refined!

Magic hat of evolution - wood, glass eyes, glass base, silver

Is there intelligent design

in the Arctic Penguins bloodline?

Who wears that magic hat,

and created fleas on a rat?

Who made the fish leave the sea,

and modelled apes to look like me?

And does that creator feel really smug,

when a simple light kills yet another bug?

Or perhaps, we don't need Jehovah's witness:

just take some genes, sex and fitness.

Wait now for another million years,

and look, the rat grows rabbit ears!

Please honour the magic hat of evolution,

and act like an environmental Confucian.


Food chain - wood, glass, silver (glass base)

Fishy fantasy - glass, silver

Travel a thousand leagues under sea

and witness a strange reality:


A beautiful reef, teeming with fish,

of which one is tiny, dyed and rich.

That tiny one shouts: "I can do it, you will see!

One day, the whole world will obey me!"

At first, no-one listened for it was so small

and everyone knows: power is tall.

But the tiny fish thought: "I am also rich,

I can be a much bigger fish than this!

To prove I have status and morals,

I'll show my gold to the fish of the corals"

And look it worked, now no-one will disagree

when the tiny fish shouts: "the biggest fish is me!"

Protection  - Wood (glass base)

Snug - tagua nut, ebony wood (glass base)

Flower of love - wood, glass fish, silver (glass base)

The turtles secret - wood (wooden base)

Surpise egg - wood, glass, silver (antler  glass base)

Mushroom - glass, silver